Freelance Animator/Designer February 2008 – Present

  • Animated logo for Grace Church School
  • Produced and edited weekly livestream for Gotham Sound
  • Animated text for Pennhurst (Radioaktive Film) promotional minutes
  • Map graphics and title sequences for Silent Forests (House Tiger Productions)
  • Visual effects supervisor for Crazy Famous (Gravitas Ventures)
  • Visual effects supervisor for Fan Girl (ABC Family)
  • Demonstration illustrations for The Infinite Board Game
  • Firearm FX, clean-up, and compositing for "I, Witness" (Investigation Discovery)
  • Edited driver's ed videos for the Nigerian government
  • Designed practical websites for "Stalked: Someone's Watching" (Investigation Discovery)
  • Titles and visual FX for The Maid's Room (Paladin)
  • Visual effects artist for Gun Hill Road (SimonSays Entertainment)
  • Visual effects for The Shells (Finneran Films)
  • Created title sequences and VFX for Wind Jammers (Stray Dog Productions): Aerial shot motion stabilization and compositing
  • Created title sequences and VFX for Weakness(Apropos Films): Wire removal & shadow touch-ups
  • Designed logo and website for Finding the Nudist, a film by Joseph Taverney
  • Designed logo & animated opening for Rosetta Films
  • Created a font of bride’s handwriting for wedding invitations

Graphic Designer, March 2005 – February 2008
Gotham Sound & Communications
  • Designed print ads, marketing decks, postcards, newsletters, t-shirts, window displays, and other promotional material
  • Website maintenance
  • Wrote and edited articles and marketing material for newsletter, website, and advertisements

Director of Technical Operations, November 2004 – Present
Quo Vadimus Arts
  • Website design & maintenance
  • Logo and advertising design
  • Producer, ID America Festival

Title Designer, Stolen Lives, January 2004
  • Designed titles for Stolen Lives, a film by Paul Jarrett

Research Assistant/Animator, May 2002 – October 2004 New York University Center for Advanced Technology/ Media Research Lab 
(All full SIGGRAPH citations available upon request).

    TensorTextures Project
  • Modeled and textured sample data and wrote MEL code to automate output of images from specific camera and lighting angles.
  • Modeled, animated, and composited demonstration videos for  SIGGRAPH 03 sketch (one of twenty included in NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Metropolitan Area College Computer Animation Festival) and SIGGRAPH 04 paper
  • Produced promotional video for SIGGRAPH 04 paper.
    TensorFaces Project
  • Wrote MEL script to import faces and record face point data
  • Wrote MEL script to automatically generate images
    Human Motion Signature Project
  • Modeled anthropomorphic balls and basketball court and created demonstration video
  • Modeled and rigged wooden modeling dummies.
    Miscellaneous Tasks
  • Modeled lo-poly count models for 3-D Autostereo Projection
  • Imported motion capture data into Maya for SIGGRAPH 04 paper Speaking with Hands demonstration video.
  • Modeled sets from blueprints for motion capture for SIGGRAPH 04 Electronic Theatre Pre-Show.
  • Created demo videos from motion capture data.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television, May 2003
  • Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, graduated with honors